LOOK: Marian Rivera is Expecting Her Second Child

When Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes had their first child Zia, fans of the couple were super excited. Since then, they have ooh-ed and aah-ed as they watched the adorable little girl grow up before their very eyes. Well, fans of the Dantes family are in for a treat as Marian Rivera has just revealed that they are expected their second child.

In an Instagram post posted yesterday, she posted a photo of her baby’s ultrasound with the caption: “My heart overflows with gratitude and humility. Dong and I, with our Zia, have been gifted with the miracle of life! Looking forward to meeting our ‘little one’ soon.” See the Instagram post here:

Zia was born in November 2015, a year after Dingdong and Marian got married – and soon, she will be in Ate! We are ecstatic for them! 🙂

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