Marian Rivera Donates Excess Bags of Milk to Help Babies in Hospitals

Mother of two Marian Rivera-Dantes is sharing her blessing of having an oversupply of expressed milk to moms and babies in need!

The Parenting Emporium, a social enterprise that aims to make the journey of parenthood much easier, took to Instagram to show their gratitude to the actress and her family for their donation. They also shared that the donated milk has already helped preemies like Baby Mati, who is currently at the NICU and in need of “lifesaving breastmilk.”

“His mommy is still working on her supply so thankfully generous donors such as Mommy [Marian] keep the milk flowing at our [Milk Sharing Hub],” The Parenting Emporium said.

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Dingdong Dantes also expressed his awe and amazement for his wife for her dedication and hard work when it comes to mommy duties.

“There are many things i admire about my wife, but one of them that really makes her a superwoman in my eyes is her dedication to breastfeeding,” he said in an Instagram post. “Being a witness to what she went through with Zia, and with what she is providing for Sixto, i know that producing that precious milk is not easy. And because she is blessed with this, i salute her for choosing to donate her excess expressed milk to those who need it the most.”

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Do you know of mommies who are willing to donate their oversupply of liquid gold too? Tag them in this article!


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