Mariah Carey Wins the Bottle Cap Challenge with an Incredible Power Move

Sorry, celebrities. Mariah Carey is now the queen of the Bottle Cap Challenge!

On Instagram, the Songbird Supreme showed fans and followers exactly how it’s done by pulling off an amazing power move using her greatest asset: her voice.

Instead of swinging a high kick, Mariah hit an incredible high-note to blow the cap off what seems to be a bottle of white wine! Watch the video here:

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Challenge accepted! #bottlecapchallenge

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Many of her fans, Hollywood celebrities, and world-renowned singers expressed their surprise and amazement over Mariah’s feat.

“This is what they call a win,” Ruby Rose said.

“You win hands down,” Rita Ora added.

“Ahahaha this is why you’re the greatest!” Jordyn Sparks shared.

“You. Look. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!” JoJo gushed.

Even Mariah’s ex, Nick Cannon, couldn’t help but comment on the viral video. “Hilarious!” he said.

The bottle cap challenge is the latest craze to take over the internet where you aim to kick the cap off any bottle with a martial arts move: the roundhouse kick. Many individuals and celebrities including John Mayer, Justin Bieber, Ryan Reynolds, and so much more have posted videos of themselves taking on the challenge.

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Have you tried the bottle cap challenge yourself? Share your videos with us in the comments below!


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