Mar Roxas Says He is Against Divorce, Gay Marriage

Mar Roxas Says He is Against Divorce, Gay Marriage

We may be one of the last two countries not to have divorce (the other is the Vatican City State), and presidential candidate Mar Roxas agrees.

He told GMA news anchor Mel Tiangco for the feature Wanted: President that he is against divorce and gay marriage.

On divorce, he said:

Para sa akin ang pamilya ang sentro ng buhay ng bawat tao ,’di ba? So dapat gawin nating lahat na manatiling matatag ang pamilya, paniwala ko rin na ang katatagan ng ating bansa.

(For me, the family is the center of every person. We should do everything to strengthen the family, and the nation as well.)

Social Weather Stations implemented a poll last year on the topic, where three out of five Filipinos, or 60%, favored divorce. A divorce law was introduced in Congress but the House of Representatives said it had no chance of being passed into law.

Roxas also shared his thoughts on gay marriage, saying that he is against it even if he has gay relatives. He said:

Bilang public policy para sa akin ay hindi ako pabor dito. Subalit… may mga kamag-anak ako na close na close na have partners and nirerespeto ko sila, minamahal ko sila, tinatanggap ko sila, bukas-puso, bukas-loob kong ang aking pagtrato sa kanila.

(As public policy, I don’t support this. But I have close relatives who have partners and I respect them, love them, and accept them wholeheartedly.)

Watch the interview below:

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