Mar Roxas: ‘Higit sa Lahat, Hindi Ko Kayo Nanakawan’

Liberal Party presidential candidate Mar Roxas has released a simple yet striking political ad on his official Facebook page.

It is captioned with:

Mar Roxas. Walang drama. Trabaho lang.

The political ad is straightforward, with no campaign jingle or celebrities endorsing him. Only Roxas appeared on the video saying that although he did not have a dramatic story to tell about his life, the election is not about him but about the people and their families.

His main focus is job for the people and to continue the government’s “Daang Matuwid.” He said that if there’s anything lacking, he will fill it up and if there’s still anything wrong, he will correct it.

Towards the end of the 30-second video, he said with emphasis, “Higit sa lahat, hindi ko kayo nanakawan.

(Rough translation: Most of all, I will not steal from you.)

Here’s the video:

What can you say about Mar’s statements on the video?