Mar Roxas Gets Certified as Advanced Diver, Probably ‘Upping’ His Skills as ‘Travel Blogger’

Looks like Mar Roxas is really enjoying his break from politics.

He has been posting about his travels on his Facebook page. He seems to be going around the country and maybe contemplating on becoming a travel blogger.

Recently, he posted on his page that he just got certified as an advanced diver. This definitely ups his skills as a travel blogger, right?

Mar Roxas Diving (3)

He said:

Happy to announce that I’m now certified as an advanced diver! And since it’s a Sunday, fish be with you.

Mar Roxas Diving (2) Mar Roxas Diving (4) Mar Roxas Diving (1)

Looks like he is serious with travel blogging. And he even uses puns now?

Who knows, we might bump into him into one of his travels.

What would you say/do if you meet him while traveling?

We’ll probably take a selfie with him. 🙂

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