MANILART 2012 “Our Culture. Our Pride. Our Art.”



When In Manila, there will never be a lack of talented artists waiting to showcase their latest masterpieces, case in point ManilArt! An art fair held last October 2- 6 at the SMX Convention Center presenting the best works of our country’s already established and up-and-coming artists. Hopefully, you guys were lucky enough to catch this event as I wasn’t, but if you’re just like me, fret not! My good friend, Kai Jimenez, was kind enough to share her experience at the art exhibit, so here we go! 



Artists Lavina Verdolaga and Valerie Chua

“It’s no secret that art commands its own little kingdom in my metaphorical heart, so needless to say, I’m no stranger to art museums and exhibits. But I do think I’m justified in breaking the trend of no chronicles with today’s visit to the ManilART 2012 visual art fair because somewhere in this labyrinth of beauty are the wonderful paintings of one of my favorite people of all time, Lavina Verdolaga.


Though my primary reason for braving the tumultuous downpour was to fulfill my #1 Fan duties, the overall experience was a more than welcome break from the dreariness that is finals week. Being surrounded by so much beauty is always so cathartic, and the fact that the entire exhibit featured only Filipino artists paints a rather hopeful picture of the future of Philippine arts (pun not intended).

 By Migs Villanueva


By Melencio Sapnu Jr.


By Lavina Verdolaga


By Justin Nudya


What I like the most about the art fair is the wide variety of exhibited work – national veterans to debuting artists, copper wire installations to oil on canvas, the macabre to the dainty. Every booth is so unique in the visual experience it offers that you wouldn’t notice the hours ticking its way into oblivion as you examine every well-lit corner of the kaleidoscopic wonderland. My words can do no justice to the obras maestras on display… so you’d definitely have to see them yourselves.”


Discalimer: All photographs are courtesy of Kai Jimenez.  




MANILART 2012: “Our Culture. Our Pride. Our Art.”



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