Manila Wrestling Federation Returns to Makati Square Arena for Republika


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Hot off the heels of their historic debut show, the Manila Wrestling Federation returns for their second show, Republika, at the Makati Square Arena, on Saturday, June 10, 2017, in Makati City.

Following his victory over ‘The Master of Filipino Strong Style’ Rex Lawin, the ‘Action Hero’ Gigz Stryker has his eyes set on the MWF’s biggest stars, Robin Sane and Mr. Lucha.

Much has been said for both competitors. The purveyor of the 450 Splash, Robin Sane, is regarded as the best high-flyer in the Philippine wrestling scene today. Mr. Lucha, the ‘Pride of Sagada’ is one of the fastest, most dangerous forces in the country through the use of his spinning back elbow and the devastating, DVDX.

Already scheduled for the Republika is a series of back-to-back singles contests: First, the “Grunge Grappler” Frankie Thurteen takes on one of the most dominant forces in the Manila Wrestling Federation, Moises Liwanang. And then, in what is looking to be one of the most hotly competitive contests of the afternoon, Hanzello Shilva goes head-to-head with Morgan Vaughn!

Also scheduled to appear are Fabio Makisig, Ninja Espiritu, and Rex Lawin, who has unfinished business with none other than Gigz Stryker himself. With so much shaping up, MWF Repubika is shaping up to another exciting afternoon of competitive, athletic, and action-packed wrestling for the whole family!

About Manila Wrestling Federation

Manila Wrestling Federation is a Manila-based sports-entertainment group, specializing in professional wrestling. The MWF offers a colourful cast of wrestlers and exciting, competitive in-ring action the whole family can enjoy!