Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada Plans to Remove Junkshops along Onyx

Mayor Estrada is indeed on a roll in beautifying Metro Manila. Earlier this year, he renovated the Ospital ng Maynila, followed by pocket initiatives like buying a fleet of dump trucks, providing bike lanes, just to name a few.

bike lane

Last Thursday, Manila Bulletin reported the Mayor’s desire to tear down the junk shop line in Onyx street in San Andres Bukid Manila. According to the report, Estrada asked clearing operations crew members to check the stretch of Onyx from:

  • Florentino Torres Street to Zobel Roxas Street
  • The section of Zobel Roxas from Palma to Onyx
  • Tejeron streets.

Furthermore, Che Borromeo, Task Force Manila Cleanup Head stated that certain issues like illegal parking, junk shops, shanties, and illegal structures, make the road narrower.

To add, illegal vendors along the subject two-kilometer portion of Onyx and those along Florentino Street fronting Dagonoy Public Market were also cleared.

I love how Mayor Estrada is on point about these events.

Looking forward to a better Manila!

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