Manila Mayor Estrada to acquire a fleet of garbage trucks

Manila is the second largest city in the Philippines. In fact, as stated by the World Population Review, Manila has an overall population of 12.8 million per 2015 census. Moreover, most of the tourist spots like Luneta Park, Intramuros, and major establishments such hotels and embassies are located in Metro Manila.


Intramuros is one of the historical places found in Manila. 

Having said that, the city must retain its cleanliness and orderliness. Significantly, the Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada has acquired a 17.7 million worth of garbage trucks, Manila Standard Today reported.

As mentioned in the article, the Mayor has acquired a fleet of garbage trucks with intentions to modernize the Department of Public Services or DPS, as well as, the other departments of the city hall.

Estrada was quoted in the article that the city has been using dilapidated trucks that are being used since 1980’s. He added that “keeping them serviceable has proven to be difficult and costly.”  


One of the garbage trucks in Manila. Photo credit:

In addition, DPS Chief Belle Borromeo mentioned in the article that the city has been using seven (7) rusty and old dump trucks, which only five remain usable.

Furthermore, the DPS Chief confirmed they already received four (4) of the six new trucks.

Here’s what to expect from the new garbage trucks:

  • Each with a load capacity of five cubic meters.
  • all six diesel heavy-duty Isuzu trucks
  • Equipped with hydraulic hoists
  • Each costs P2.96 million.

On the other hand, Manila Mayor expresses support to revive Pasig Rivery ferry service, which will absolutely help alleviate the traffic in Metro Manila.

Hopefully, this will flourish as it will absolutely help our environment and reduce the floods in the area.

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