Manila Is Considered as One of the Best Cities for Coffee Lovers

Manila Is Considered as One of the Best Cities for Coffee Lovers



The Matador Network, a media site and social network for travelers, recently posted a list of the best cities for coffee lovers. They named Manila as one of the best cities for coffee lovers, not for the smorgasbord of large commercial coffee chains in the city but due to the thriving third wave or artisanal coffee shops in the metro.

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The coffee culture in Manila is continuously booming. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just serve the usual coffee and snack to get noticed by the coffee crowd here. There should be some art involved and some sort of expertise to entice even those who adore a cup of joe.

Newer Java concoctions? Maybe.

Bo's Coffee Latte Art

According to the Matador Network’s post:

Third wave coffee is on the rise in the Manila, the sprawling, hurried capital of the Philippines. Duck & Buvette, located at Shangri-La Plaza, is among the third wave coffee shops sprouting up all over the city, serving V60 pourovers of Intelligentsia beans alongside fully-composed dishes like duck confit and candied bacon. Refinery follows a similar model, adding flavored coffee drinks — an orange-infused cappuccino, for instance — to its roster, on top of more traditional espresso drinks. Toby’s Estate, an Australian export that has also spread through New York, has an outpost in Salcedo Village. Craft Coffee Revolution, Yardstick, and a least a half a dozen more are leading the charge, bringing latte art rosettes and cafe culture to the 25.5 million people of Metro Manila.


This just goes to show that handcrafted coffee is starting to create an etch in Pinoys’ hearts. Therefore, this makes Manila a great go-to place for coffee lovers from all over.


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Manila Is Considered as One of the Best Cities for Coffee Lovers