Manila Events: “Fuerza Bruta” Interactive Theater and Club Experience from Argentina



WHEN IN MANILA, don’t miss out on the hottest events!


We attended the  premiere of FUERZA BRUTA last Valentine’s Day ♥ and it was WILD!




To be honest, I had no idea what to expect because I did not check out any youtube videos of Fuerza Bruta.


All I know was that it had a HANGING POOL with acrobatic performances.



The Fuerza Bruta Lounge was already packed when we arrived.


There were a number of celebrity sightings and other VIPs, too


 Chico and Delamar


 Mr. and Mrs. Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet


 Mayor Alfredo Lim


 Michelle Madrigal | Tim Yap | Laureen Uy (+ her friend)


 Raymond Gutierrez | Georgina Wilson | Borgy Manotoc


 Finally, at around 8PM, the audiences were requested to go inside the main tent.



You may notice that there were no chairs inside.


That’s because FUERZA BRUTA is an interactive theatrical experience!



Shouting, clapping, dancing, SMASHING, stomping and even TOUCHING is recommended!


Jigs Mayuga “smashed” by Juan Martin Fernandez 




The pictures tell it all: Audience participation is highly encouraged 


So don’t be shy and just enjoy the show!



I do not want to spoil all the fun by telling you what else happened inside but rest assured,  


Fuerza Bruta is most definitely not your usual party.



REMEMBER:  let loose and HAVE FUN!



When the HANGING POOL was revealed, everyone was just in awe.



Looking up had never been this fun before!




Be sure to get a good spot inside to fully enjoy the show!


and don’t forget, TOUCHING is ALLOWED!


TIP: The hanging pool is located at the opposite end of the entrance 🙂








Congratulations to the creators, casts and members of FUERZA BRUTA Philippines for the  successful premier night!



 WHEN IN MANILA, break free and enjoy FUERZA BRUTA at the MANILA HOTEL TENT.



Show Duration: 1 hour


Venue: Manila Hotel Tent


Show Schedule:

Monday – Thursday (Weekdays) – 8 PM

Friday and Saturday (Weekends) – 8 PM and 11 PM


Ticket Prices:

Php 2,500 – Weekdays

Php 3,000 – Weekends




The FUERZA BRUTA LOUNGE is also open Mondays to Saturdays.

Monday to Thursday: 9 PM to 3 AM

Friday and Saturday: 12 AM to 5 AM


Lounge Prices:

FREE – for show ticket holders

Php 900 – regular entrance fee with complimentary drinks for those with no show ticket holders



(632) 320-1111


 What I got from FUERZA BRUTA: “LIFE: Just keep on going and don’t forget to HAVE FUN.”

WhenInManila photos by JoTan23 


Manila Events: “Fuerza Bruta” Interactive Theater and Club Experience from Argentina




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