Manila Central University is Renovating to Look “New and Aesthetic”

After more than a century of educating young minds, MCU has no plans of slowing down. In fact, it’s all geared up for the future. In addition to exciting modern upgrades in its system and tools, the university is having an overall renovation. Taking its cue from the university’s lush green scenery and sprawling grounds, the school is welcoming the new generation of learners by coming up with a new conceptual master plan for the university’s overall look, championing the school’s rich heritage. At the same time, it will integrate clean, modern elements for a visually inspiring experience and an engaging connection with the people walking its grounds.

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About the Manila Central University Renovations

The new design, in partnership with the widely renowned architecture firm Palafox, embraces the essence of university life, a moment in time in one’s youth where a million possibilities are in front of you and life is just beginning. The MCU x Palafox team worked tirelessly to develop a beautiful setting where students can hang out, interact, learn, form memories, and most of all, make their dreams come true.

Backed by a century of experience and heritage, MCU has been nurturing and educating young minds for almost 118 years, producing notable and successful alumni, and boasting a consistently high employment record of 76%. Apart from offering the first BS Pharmacy program in the Philippines to be run by Filipinos, it has expanded its scope to offer Business Administration and Information Technology, teaming up with professionals and experts to provide relevant, quality education and experience for students that’s essential to an industry’s standard. MCU also offers Pre-School, Primary, and Secondary Education (PAASCU Accreditation Level II).

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Manila Central University Embraces Student Life

MCU believes that at the heart of holistic learning is an enriching student experience composed of extra-curricular activities, updated facilities, excellent educators, and of course, the learning environment itself.

“The conceptual master plan was developed to embody MCU as a center of educational excellence, integrating academic, healthcare, and wellness in its design. It’s no secret that when the eye sees something beautiful, it is inspired. When you’re amidst a setting that’s such, you’re stimulated to create, learn, and take it all in. With a smart, historically-rich, and sustainable campus like MCU incorporating natural greenery into expansive school grounds, it was easy to implement our design principle of “integral ecology”. This is balancing social equity with protecting and conserving natural environments, inclusive economic growth, culture, history, and interfaith spirituality,” expounds Principal Architect, Felino “Jun” Palafox Jr. FUAP, APEC Architect, Urban Planner, Environmental Planner.

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“The university has been embracing nature for years. We are tucked in charming hectares of land, surrounded by around 499 trees. So, now, with this new aesthetic, we’ve woven this aspect into the university’s overall design, while, at the same time, providing wide breathing spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for safety in the new normal that is living in right now,” explains VP for Planning and External Affairs Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco.

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The new design for the facade is expected to be completed before SY 2023-2024, while the whole developmental plan will take around 20 years to finish. MCU assures its students that the renovation will not interfere with or distract from the current face-to-face classes and activities taking place. In line with the better student experience, MCU has adopted multiple learning modalities, such as hi-flex or hybrid options to ensure more excellent learning experiences and continuity and promote mastery of learning. The school continues to apply and elevate its educational standards from its different courses to produce globally equipped students.

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