Mang Rudy Project: Homeless Animal Lover Taking Care of 18 Stray Animals

Mang Rudy Project



When In Manila, you’ll sometimes find stories like this one, that’s sure to inspire you and prove that there are definitely good people left in this world!


Mang Rudy Project: Manong Rudy The Homeless Animal Lover – He is currently taking care of 16 dogs and 2 cats although he lives in a “kariton” (pushcart).


A far cry from most people who live in actual houses and have food to eat but mistreat their pets. When we interviewed Mang Rudy, he said he sees himself in these homeless dogs – “kung walang gagawa neto, eh di sino pa” (If I don’t do it, then who else will?). 


You can find Mang Rudy along Banaue St. corner E.Rodriguez, in front of PCSO, former Quezon Institute. Seeing himself in these stray dogs, he does his best to adopt as many strays as he can find. He feeds them and takes care of them by scavenging food from restaurant bins and his recycling. Share this link to help him #mangrudy #wheninmanila


  *Photos and write up of Mang Rudy Project by Jason Quema



Mang Rudy, the homeless animal lover resides at Banawe corner E.Rodriguez infront of Quezon Institute now PCSO




Mang Rudy lives in a “kariton / pushkart ” and takes in stray animals, cats and dogs, so far 16 dogs and 2cats. This is his favorite dog.




He scavenges for food for his adopted dogs, right across where he lives, where fast food chains dump their garbage just to feed his pets, occasional passersby also bring him rice and dogfood.




He also works in any way he can to feed all of them. He works as a parking attendant also, and gathers recyclables.




His dogs all look healthy and happy, Rudy sleeps on the very same wood plank where the 6 dogs are on. That’s Rudy’s pillow and bed.




They all look well taken care of, compared to a lot of other dogs who live with their masters, who live in actual houses and have food to eat.




“Mas mukhang mabango pa nga sila eh.” (The dogs even look well groomed) Dont pet the dogs ask permission first from Rudy of your passing by, most of them are protective of their master.




Mang Rudy’s lounge chair and cabinets on the left side, all of the dogs have collars and are tied properly. They all look like happy dogs.




A new addition that I just recently met 2 cats.




The blind Dachshund that he rescued. Both eyes are blind. Rudy’s favorite dog among the 16.




They all have names, planning to make a short docu video about Rudy and his homeless dogs so you can meet each one personaly. Hoping i can come up with funding for him and his animals.




Mang Rudy sees himself in his dogs, these are all stray animals that Rudy found. I asked him what are his long term plans, he said to me he doesn’t have any, he gets by on a day to day basis but he said as long as he’s alive he will do his best to take care of these homeless animals.




A happy healthy looking dog. He also adopted 2 homeless cats. Again, some dogs do bite, so pet at your own risk




Manong Rudy the homeless animal lover. Happy healthy looking dogs. For donations drop it off at Erodiguez Cor.Banaue infront of PCSO former Quezon Institute. Pls. share this link or this site…





Mang Rudy Project



When In Manila, lend a helping hand! Check out the Mang Rudy Project Facebook page for more details and share this story to help out as well #mangrudy #wheninmanila


Mang Rudy Project –





The Mang Rudy Project main goals:


1. Provide the immediate things that Mang Rudy and his dogs/cats need.


2. And eventually help Mang Rudy and his pets find a good home. Help Mang Rudy be self-sustaining.


3. Eventually have them neutered and spayed, to prevent more homeless dogs and cats from multiplying.

Kudos to Mang Rudy! 
Kahit ang walang-wala, ay pwedeng tumulong sa hayop.

(Even though he has nothing, he’s still able to help the animals in need.)


 *All photos and write up by Jason Quema



 #mangrudy #wheninmanila

Mang Rudy Project: Homeless Animal Lover Taking Care of 18 Stray Animals



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