Man Travels 2,400km to Surprise Girlfriend. He Catches Her With Another Man.

No distance is too far for a man in love.

This one man, in particular, believed that he was very much capable of crossing a distance as wide as 2,400 kilometers as long as it meant being with his girlfriend on her birthday. However, he was not at all prepared for what he was going to see when he found her.

Photos that were shared on Twitter and on Weibo shows the man, dressed in a teddy bear costume and prepared to surprise his girlfriend, having a surprise of his own when he saw her with another guy.

Guy travels to surprise girlfriend but finds her cheating 1


He ran away as soon as she spotted him, but she chased after him. It’s unknown whether the two stayed together or broke up afterward.

Guy travels to surprise girlfriend but finds her cheating 2


It’s unconfirmed where this story took place, although the photos show that it could have been taken in China.

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Poor guy! We hope he finds someone he deserves.

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