Man Eats 52 Lumpia Rolls in 10 Minutes at a Lumpia Eating Contest

Filipino food continues to make headlines in the global sphere. Just recently, the TV station KPRC 2 in Houston, Texas reported about a man who victoriously ate a whopping 52 lumpia rolls in just 10 minutes!

The story was first released on July 10, and according to the report this amazing feat was done for the second annual Lumpia Eating Contest held on July 4.

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The eating contest was hosted by Be More Pacific: Filipino Kitchen & Bar. The owner of the restaurant, Giovan Cuchapin, said that he just wanted to bring people together to enjoy great food and the Filipino culture. He also took it as an opportunity to help local businesses bounce back from the lockdowns during the pandemic.

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Seven participants representing restaurants in the Houston area showed up for the competition. The goal was to eat as many lumpia rolls as they can in 10 minutes. Chris Nguyen, representing a poke restaurant, emerged victorious after devouring 52 lumpia rolls.

How many lumpia rolls can you finish in 10 minutes?

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