Man Attempts to Break World Record for Longest Time Sitting On a Toilet

Can you survive a whole day just sitting on a toilet?

If it means breaking a world record, then some people wouldn’t think twice!

This man from Belgium, in particular, took on the challenge to set the record for longest time sitting on a toilet that was on display at a bar in Ostend by staying there for almost 5 DAYS!

Man Sits on Toilet for 5 Days

Source: Inside Edition

The entire time he sat there on his toilet (which was fake, by the way), he would surf the Internet, have meals with his friends and family, and have conversations with strangers. He was allowed to get off the fake toilet for five minutes every hour and take real bathroom breaks too.

Though his attempt was noble, he failed to achieve his goal of 165 hours.

Instead, he tapped out after 116 hours when his legs began to hurt and fatigue overwhelmed him.

He is still holding onto hope that his attempt will be acknowledged by the Guinness World Records, but the organization has yet to make an announcement.

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Would you be able to complete this challenge?