Man Allegedly Robs Offices During Lunch Breaks

Man Allegedly Robs Offices During Lunch Breaks

We can never be too careful, because criminals are now everywhere and strike in unexpected places. With extra vigilance and awareness of modi operandi, your chances of falling victim to these criminals will significantly lessen.

A Facebook post shared by Neri C. is currently going viral, detailing how an alleged thief would go around offices during lunch breaks to steal stuff. According to Neri:

Last 20 July 2015 before lunch time, the guy in the white shirt went in our building in Makati. He went to the 19F using the stairs (not sure where he came from prior), roamed around the hallway looking inside offices (we have glass doors) for about three minutes, then went inside the office of our affiliate manning company.

He stayed in the office pretending to be an applicant and sat there for eight minutes just looking around. When the staff went to the restroom, he immediately left the office of the affiliate manning company and went inside the HR office, stealing Neri’s iPad Air among other items. Fortunately, the company’s CFO caught the guy.

When confronted by our CFO, he pretended to be an applicant and left immediately. This guy purposely was going floor by floor during lunch break looking for offices with employees on lunch break and took time to steal stuff. He even went in our other affiliate company at the 18th floor.

It took him just 40 seconds to steal my stuff.

Thieves are becoming more creative and fearless when it comes to their modus. Many of them don’t even wait in dark and empty places. Sometimes, they strike in public. All it takes for everyone is to be extra vigilant at all times.

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