Malongo Teams up with Klean Kanteen for Thoughtful, Ethical Gifting for Father’s Day

Are you still looking for a thoughtful gift for Dad for Father’s Day?

If Dad is into coffee AND is eco-mindful – well, you’re in luck! Take celebrating your old man to a whole new eco-friendly level and gift him with a Malongo Brewing Gift Kit.

Aeropress x KK Brew Kit

Malongo Atelier Barista has recently partnered up with Klean Kanteen and come up with awesome and environmentally-conscious coffee brewing gift kits that’ll hit all the right notes for every caffeine-loving fatherly figure out there — and hey, you too! 

Chemex x KK Brew Kit

Malongo’s gift kits each come with a 12oz Klean Kanteen tumbler of choice plus free engraving. Why not personalize it with Dad’s name or a short and sweet message perhaps? 

Cold Bruer xx KK Brew Kit

For the man with excellent taste and who likes the “Press Style,” what could be better than a freshly brewed Aeropressed or French pressed cuppa that stays hot for ages? check out Malongo’s Aeropress or French Press Gift Kits (3, 4 & 8 Cups), which come with free beans as well as a 12oz Klean Kanteen Cafe Cap. Of course, you can choose any design or color with free engraving!

French Press x KK Brew Kit

For the Dad that likes “the Drip,” go for Malongo’s V60 or Chemex Gift Kits, which also come with free beans, and a 12oz Klean Kanteen Cafe Cap –again, you can choose any design or color with free engraving.

And for the iced coffee-loving Dad looking to cool off in this unbearable heat, the special Cold Bruer Gift Kit is the way to go. This comes with free beans plus a 12oz Klean Kanteen Twist Cap (and yes, you can pick any design or color with free engraving!), that’ll let him craft his ultimate ice cold bevvy to enjoy on a hot day.

Hario V60 x x KK Brew Kit

It may be crunch time for Dad’s Day shopping but, hey, you may just want to turn your own coffee habit into an eco-friendly one.

Malongo x Klean Kanteen Brewing Gift Kits are available at Malongo Atelier Barista from June 18-July 15, 2021.