Maleficent 2 is Out and We’re Convinced She’s Our Ideal Ninang

Words by Waynnie Melendres and Clariz Mendoza

Disney’s most-loved villain returns onscreen, and this time, we get to see deeper into her.

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In the first Maleficent movie, we got to see the origin story of Maleficent, the villain in the popular childhood fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. Now, Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil gives us a deeper look into Maleficent’s identity. We get to know who she really is, and through this, we get to understand more of her capabilities. 

After watching the film, we are convinced that she is the ideal godmother.

She is the typical ninang who spoils her inaanak

Our typical Filipino ninangs spoil us with gifts, especially during special occasions. In the movie, we also get to see Maleficent spoiling Aurora. Living in the Moors is a dream—everything that you want and need is here. With beautiful scenery, a wonderful community, and several magical friends, what more can you ask for? Maleficent gives Aurora just the best—it’s no wonder why Aurora is the amazing girl she is.

She shares with us life lessons

Whenever we need advice, one of the people we turn to is our ninang. We learn a lot from heart-to-heart talks with them. They base their advice on their personal life experiences, so we know that we are in good hands.

Maleficent taught us that we are not our mistakes.

When one hears the name Maleficent, the mind pictures a cruel and evil fairy who cast a spell on an innocent baby, sentencing her to death on her 16th birthday. This perception of Maleficent was never detached from her name. The fact that she was the one who eventually lifted the curse was neglected.  Maleficent took a 180-degree turn and advocated for the good, even passing her throne to Princess Aurora, a human, as the Queen of the Moors.

Her sacrifices show that she is a changed and empowered fairy. Despite these things, people still saw her as her mistake. Even Aurora doubted her godmother. Maleficent proved that people do change. She saved both kingdoms despite them causing her unnecessary pain and trouble. As long as they have the willingness and proper support system, even the cruelest and the nastiest fairy (or person!) can evolve into the best version of themselves!

She also taught us that it’s not always black or white. The creatures of the Moors had always been wary of humans. In the same way, humans viewed the creatures as destructive beings. For centuries, this had been the dividing force between them that sometimes even lead the 2 kingdoms into wars #TheGreatWallofUlstead. Maleficent, together with Aurora, were the ones to open up their hearts to the other beings. They proved that the stereotypes of society are not always true. There is a middle ground, and it’s not always black or white!

She is a good role model

The very essence of being a godparent is being a role model to your godchildren. In the movie, we see Maleficent learn about her identity and use this knowledge to fight for what’s right.  It is especially important for a young child to look up to people who continually improve themselves, as with growth comes a change in perspective and character.

The movie offers yet another wonderful take on the story of a villain from our childhood fairy tale. Learning about love and kindness while looking from the villain’s viewpoint gives us a different perspective on life and a wider view of the world in general. It is a must-see movie for children and adults alike.

Can’t wait for the sequel? Maleficent 2 will fly into the cinemas starting October 18th.

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