15 Filipino Online Trainers Who Will Motivate You to Stay Fit at Home

Just because we’re stuck in quarantine and not really seeing anyone on a regular basis (or is that just me?) doesn’t mean that you have to laze around and stop caring about your physical health. If you’re having trouble staying motivated and getting your butt up to work out, hire one of these male online trainers. You might just get inspired to get moving and keep moving. (It worked for me! Read about my experience here.)

15 Male Online Trainers Who Will Motivate You to Stay Fit at Home

15. Luis De Mesa (@demesatraining)

Luis de Mesa does virtual one-on-one sessions and provides general to specific templates for almost all goals, wants, and needs. He started online training more than five years ago because he wanted to earn more, gain more experience, and spend less time doing physical work in the long run.

Training aside; Luis likes to read a lot, work with his group of coaches (AMBITION PH), play with his baby, and work and hang out with his wife.

14. Mark Reyes (@themarkreyes)

Mark Reyes makes personalized training programs depending on his clients’ fitness levels, available equipment, and goals. Although he has been coaching for 11 years now, he only started training people online a few months ago as another means of income. “I’m trying to be somewhat adaptable to the circumstances,” he explains.

13. Jervin Day Tuason (@coachjervin)

In terms of online training, Jervin Tuason provides yoga, muay Thai, and HIIT. He has been teaching online for five months now since the lockdown started in order to help motivate individuals with their fitness goals and mental health. “I want to remind everyone that even in these turbulent times, self love and self care should not be affected. I want them to shift their focus on things that will help them grow,” he shares. “You grow through what you go through ika nga.”

Jervin has been a yoga teacher for seven years now. He is also a vegetarian, fur parent, entrepreneur, and late bloomer in martial arts. He aspires to be a renowned athlete one day.

12. Mark Dubouzet (@mvdubouzet)

Mark Dubouzet has been making online programs for most of his clients for about four years now. His clients range from athletes to weekend warriors to those who just want to stay active, lose fat, and get stronger. He also does one-on-one sessions on Zoom. Mark shares that he started doing online sessions when a few of his clients went abroad and he transferred to a different training location. “I pursued it more when I decided to work as a coach for CSB and become a member of the National Handball Team, so I could still make time for my clients while coaching and training at the same time.”

Mark also played for the National Ultimate Frisbee Team, which won the Asia-Oceanic Mixed Division Championship last year. They were also supposed to represent the Philippines in the Netherlands for the World Championship, but this was sadly postponed because of the pandemic. He also played for our National Beach Handball Team during the last SEA Games, where they won Bronze.

10. – 11. The “Boom Twins” (@boomtwinss), Gian Carlo Mercado (@gino.boom) and Derrick Carlo Mercado (@dino.boom)

The Boom Twins call their online programming “Boom Camp”. Here, they teach Crossfit, functional strength training, and conditioning workouts. Their program is patterned according to their clients’ capabilities and skills. They also give varying workouts depending on the availability of their equipment. The Boom Twins have been doing this for three years now, but started focusing on it more during the Enhanced Community Quarantine. They currently offer one-on-one and group online classes either through video conferencing or programming.

The Boom Twins are Crossfit Level 2 Trainers and competitive Crossfit athletes. They are also certified coaches in weightlifting, gymnastics, kettlebell, and dumbbell. They also love swimming and wakeboarding. Besides training and working out, they also love playing mobile games, particularly Mobile Legends and Call of Duty Mobile.

9. James Sandoval (@tpsyjames)

James Sandoval has been teaching classical mat pilates online since the ECQ started. “I decided to teach online because I want my clients to remain healthy during these trying times,” he shares. “I also want to reach them wherever they are in the safety of their own homes. I believe that pilates is very suitable in our current situation because most people are stuck just sitting or lying down at home most of the time. I just have a passion to help people stay healthy and I always believe it’s never too late to start.”

8. Franco Rulloda (@francorulloda)

Franco Rulloda provides various home exercises that develop functional strength, and improve posture and mobility. “The guiding principles of all the lessons are to improve human biomechanics so that they can perform their daily tasks at an optimum level,” he explains.

For his Jiujitsu and MMA students, the focus is on keeping the body healthy, maintaining the level of fitness they already have, and improving on their fundamentals until everyone can go back to training in the gym. This all started about two weeks into the initial lockdown with hopes of keeping the community together while improving their health and boosting their immune systems.

Training aside, Franco also does some travel writing. “Traveling is part of who I am so it sucks we can’t go out,” he muses. “I’m a food addict and a combat sports junkie. That’s why knowing how the body works, functions, and evolves is crucial in my field.”

7. Pio Luz, @_C3pio

Pio Luz provides online group workouts (BARE MNL, Flyweight, Saddle Row), as well as online personal fitness and nutrition coaching. He has been doing this since the start of the lockdown, but plans to keep doing so even afterwards in order to reach clients he cannot meet with personally.

Pio also shares that it has been his childhood dream to become a pilot, but this got delayed due to the pandemic. “I am still hoping to fly the flag eventually, but for now I am focusing on fitness and helping spread the importance of it,” he says.

6. Justin Hernandez (@justigas)

Justin Hernandez has been a fitness coach for seven years now. He started online coaching a month and a half into this pandemic, which consists of bodybuilding, and functional and calisthenics exercises. “I program my workouts for people who don’t have access to gym equipment,” he explains. “You don’t need to have equipment, but I advise my advanced trainees to have a pair of dumbbells and gymnastic rings to increase the difficulty of their home workouts.”

Justin has been doing bodybuilding since 2009, even winning an amateur competition in 2014 before transitioning to Crossfit, which he has been doing ever since. He has joined local Crossfit competitions and because of the rigorous training that he has been doing, he has been the Crossfit Open Fittest in the Philippines since 2016. In 2019, he was also the first Filipino representative during the 2019 Crossfit games held at Madison in Wisconsin, US. “Exercising has been my hobby since I was in high school,” he shares. “It’s hard for me to explain, but theres something about getting stronger and improving your body that makes me enjoy it.”

5. Pocholo Mari Arabit (@pocholoarabit)

Being part of Cyclehouse MNL, Pocholo Arabit has been doing online cycling classes and HIIT classes since the start of the ECQ. “Going online is my way of helping people continue their fitness journey at home,” he explains. “It has been a great way to help them cope with the pandemic. I’m happy I still get to share the positive energy even though I’m miles apart from the participants.”

Pocholo is also a SHS teacher who teaches Biology and Research, as well as a financial advisor advocating financial literacy to his fellow millennials. He also loves music and performing in the shower. :p Kidding aside, he can play the guitar and sing.

4. Miko Carreon (@mikocarreon)

Miko Carreon started teaching online indoor cycling classes through @perigon.co’s stay-in club when quarantine started. After a few months, he started teaching @808studioph’s 808 together online classes, which is more focused on dance and fitness. “With all the things happening right now, we have to adapt and make everyone feel safe while giving students the studio experience they are looking for,” Miko explains. “Also, we want to build a stronger community that will boost each other to be more active and healthy – not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally!”

When he’s not teaching anything fitness-related, Miko’s job is as a registered and licensed architect here in the Philippines. “I am also part of a dance team called @aftermathph where we also train once in a while and just dance,” he adds.

3. Ted Julian Quijance (@train_fu)

Ted Julian Quijance offers strength and conditioning for athletes, as well as general conditioning for those folks who are only looking to get healthy and in shape. Ted admits that he never used to do online training; but since the current situation calls for it, he had to get on board or be left behind.

Being buff aside, Ted is a huge dork with seven cats and a tiny dog. He passionately believes that adoption is better than buying our little furry friends. #adoptdontshop

2. Nick Ronquillo (@fit_nck)

Nick Ronquillo provides his clients with fitness and nutrition guidance, detailed workout plans tailored to their specific goals (fat loss, muscle gain, etc.), 24/7 chat support, and a virtual kick in the ass. “Online training is a new and exciting way for me to offer my clients what they need when they need it without the limitations and expenses of the gym; so that I can offer a better, safer, and more cost-effective service than an in-person trainer,” Nick shares.

Nick has been lifting weights since he was 15 years old. Last year, he joined a bodybuilding competition and studied and learned how our bodies react to whatever food we eat. He did a trial and error experiment with food and workout routines for six months and eventually got two silver medals during his first show. Nick is also a filmmaker and a content creator who loves extreme sports and exotic pets.

1. RC Cruz (@coach.rc)

RC Cruz offers specialized/modified home workouts, HIIT training, and weight loss programs online. He explains: “I make programs that fit the needs and goals of a specific client while taking into account their current fitness level and experience.” Before the pandemic, RC was a personal trainer in Hybrid Las Piñas. Due to unforeseen circumstances, however, the gym closed, leaving a number of clients behind. That’s when he decided to focus on online training.

It started with helping his clients from the gym he worked at who were struggling to do home workouts. This evolved into giving home workout programs until more inquiries and interested clients came in. “I kept in mind that the people who were used to an active lifestyle before the pandemic but lack the fitness knowledge and training might have a hard time readjusting because of the sudden sedentary lifestyle of the ECQ,” RC says. “There are people who need personal guidance for their form, who need to learn what they can do with their home equipment, and who need guidance for their personal goals and other health concerns. My goal is to help maintain a healthy lifestyle while staying safe at home.”

RC is a Registered Nurse by profession, but pursued personal fitness training in 2017. He is very adventurous and has tried multiple sports and activities, including boxing, muay Thai, biking, basketball, and obstacle course racing. He is currently in love with Crossfit and recently tried joining Crossfit competitions. He also joined Ninja OCR in 2018, won first place in the Bootcamp Division in Fittest 2019, first place in Fitfest Pilipinas 2019 for Scaled Division, and third place in Fittest Teams 2019.

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