Malaysia Social Media Week 2015 (MSMW’15): Engage. Educate. Entertain.



ENGAGE, EDUCATE & ENTERTAIN Yourself ! Social media has dramatically altered the way we think and act. The manic pace it has set leaves most of us dumbfounded. Our annual Malaysia Social Media Week, with its august speakers seeks to demystify the world of social media. Having garnered a huge success from previous editions, this national conference connecting people regarding content and conversations on emerging trends in social and mobile media, unfolds yet another striking edition.

MSMW’s theme “Engage, Educate & Entertain”, reflects the role of social media as a catalyst in stirring the cultural, political, economic and social development of a nation.

The theme encourages thousands of individuals and organisations to project, orchestrate and execute original ideas- through social media.

Wildly popular and happening, the third chapter of the Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) 2015 is no longer a mere event- it’s a movement!