Malacañan Palace Ranks 15th in the Largest Head of State Homes – Study

The official residences of heads of state supposedly reflect the grandeur, values, and aspirations of the nation they lead. In hopes to track the disparity in values and floor space globally, charted the sizes of these official homes from nearly 60 countries, including every U.S. state governor.

By examining public sources and utilizing Google Maps estimations, they gathered measurements in square meters. The study’s findings highlighted intriguing facts about some of the world’s largest and smallest official residences, including the Philippines’ Malacañan Palace which ranked at number 15–higher than the White House.

Malacañang Palace

Current Philippine President Bongbong Marcos’ abode reportedly has a resident complex size of 160,000 square meters. Meanwhile, current U.S. President Joe Biden’s home measured 72,843 square meters and placed 21st on the list.

The comprehensive study also offered other significant insights into the dimensions of official residences, such as:

  1. Largest Home: Topping the list is China’s President Xi Jinping, who resides in the sprawling Zhongnanhai complex in Beijing, boasting an impressive area of 3,439,830 square meters.
  2. Dominance of Asia and the Middle East: Seven out of the top ten world leaders with the largest official residences hail from Asian and Middle Eastern nations, reflecting their emphasis on opulent spaces.
  3. King Charles III’s Residence: Clarence House, the primary home of King Charles III, may seem relatively modest in comparison, covering an area of ‘just’ 2,646 square meters, ranking as the second smallest among heads of state.
  4. Kansas Governor’s Mansion: Among U.S. state governors, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly resides in the magnificent Cedar Crest mansion. Spanning a vast area of 846,966 square meters, it surpasses other state governor’s homes by a staggering 11.6 times.

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