Maker and Made: An Australian-Style Brunch Spot That Highlights Filipino Ingredients

As if brunches couldn’t get any better, a new restaurant in BGC is shining its spotlight on its vibrant brunch menu, mouthwatering pastries, and great coffee. If you’re looking for a sign to finally go on that brunch date with your SO or your amigas, this is THE sign because we’ve got an amazing food spot to recommend.

Maker and Made BGC 6587

Maker and Made is a newly-opened Australian-style cafe and restaurant in BGC that’s already making a lot of noise on social media. It’s so easy to be drawn in by their modern industrial interiors that’s sure to grab your attention even if you’re just passing by.

Maker and Made BGC 6595

loved the high ceiling, the massive glass walls, the cozy and sophisticated vibe of the place, and the beautiful window that lets us sneak a peek into their equally gorgeous kitchen.

Maker and Made BGC 6593

I also loved the bar stools by the coffee bar that allows introverts to savor every moment with their cup of coffee, as well as the gorgeous long wooden table that’s great to share with a huge group or with new friends you’ll meet at Maker and Made.

A spotlight on proudly Filipino ingredients

Maker and Made may be an Australian-inspired brunch restaurant, but it’s amazing how their menu actually shines a spotlight on Filipino ingredients.

Maker and Made BGC 6604

Chef Rue Ribon, one of the owners of Maker and Made, shared that one of their missions was to show how one can maximize fruits and vegetables from Philippine soil to create a menu as vibrant and wholesome as theirs.

For example, did you know that you could make hummus using our very own munggo? I didn’t either until I tried it at Maker and Made!

Maker and Made BGC 6648

Their amazing Mushroom Scotch Egg with Eggplant and Mung Bean Hummus was so full of flavors that blended perfectly together. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed the mushroom layer of the scotch egg, especially since I’d always rather have meat than anything else. It also came with delicious sourdough chips that came from bakery leftovers! Talk about sustainability.

Maker and Made BGC 6641

Another dish we couldn’t get enough of was the Tapa Benedict which, of course, featured locally-sourced braised brisket tapa with perfectly poached eggs atop their pan de sal toast—baked in-house, of course.

Maker and Made BGC 6571

For certified carnivores like myself, you’ll be glad to find the Beef & Marrow Burger in the “Lunch” section of their menu. Yes, this beefy and meaty burger kicks it up a notch by adding bone marrow to the mix! But then, it only means that their burger is extra flavorful, and it’s made even better by their homemade burger buns. I’m already drooling just thinking about it!

Maker and Made BGC 6607

Looking for something a bit lighter? Try the Salmon Stracciatella Toast that has beet-cured salmon. It’s also one of the freshest salmon toasts we’ve had.

The stracciatella, a.k.a. the center of burrata cheese, is also made locally. In fact, the soft cheeses found on their menu are all made locally!

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Maker and Made BGC 6553

For a classic brunch experience, their Farmer’s Breakfast is one of their bestsellers. It features a hearty plate of house sausage (yes, they make their own sausages!), bacon, potato royale (their flavorful version of a hash brown), fried eggs, their classic sourdough pandesal, and a side of fermented mushrooms, pickled tomatoes, and seasonal greens.

The Farmer’s Breakfast is meant to be eaten with a little bit of everything in each bite. That’s how you enjoy all the flavors of the plate. I love how the sourness of the pickled tomatoes and fermented mushrooms kind of acts like the vinegar for the sausage—because you know we Pinoys love our vinegar!

It’s also important to note that they ferment and pickle their local produce right inside the restaurant. You’ll even find the jars on display all over the space.

Maker and Made BGC 6538

Maker and Made also makes sure to feature ingredients that you can normally find in the local markets or in your own backyard—including tomatoes and mushrooms.

Chef Rue even shared that some of their menu items indicate “seasonal vegetables” because they always want to utilize what’s available locally. Plus, they’ve partnered up with a local farm for their fresh produce, allowing the local community to grow even more!

Maker and Made BGC 6679

Their menu also features a variety of sweet treats such as the Sticky Date Pudding, which is a known dessert in Australia; and the Tapioca and Banana Fritters which I loved because of the cool surprise of chewy sago inside it.

We were only able to try about half of their menu items, but it was enough for us to declare that anything you try from their menu will guarantee an unparalleled culinary experience. The best part? You don’t have to feel guilty at all because Maker and Made created wholesome dishes that are good for the soul and good for the body.

Not your ordinary local coffee

Of course, Maker and Made also highlights locally-sourced coffee such as coffee beans from Mt. Apo, Bukidnon, and the Davao region.

But they don’t stop there. Head Barista Freddie Aguirre, who is also one of the owners of Maker and Made, made it a point to showcase more than just local coffee with their drinks.

Maker and Made BGC 6535

They also use locally-sourced milk from Laguna, and bespoke dinnerware and coffee cups handcrafted by Cornerstone Pottery and designed by Aguirre himself to make sure you enjoy the fragrance and aroma of his filter coffee.

For the coffee, we highly recommend the Cold Brew Nitro White with oat milk for a perfectly balanced drink. Each sip is so easy on the palate and the flavors are smooth on the tongue. We’re sure you’ll be looking for another glass in no time!

More than just good food and coffee

Maker and Made is hands down one of the restaurants in BGC that I wouldn’t mind visiting over and over (and over) again. Their food is exquisite, the ambiance is so invigorating, and the overall culinary experience is just one that I’ll surely talk about for days on end.

But more than that, we love how Maker and Made shows off its Filipino pride in a way that truly walks the talk.

Maker and Made BGC 6629

Aside from their partnership with local farms for their fresh produce, and collaborating with local potters for their dinnerware, Maker and Made also fights food wastage. Any surplus food goes to Food Rescue Philippines, while food scraps are collected for compost and given to Green Space who sends it back to their partner farm, Caliraya Farms—the same farm that supplies the restaurant’s fresh produce. It all goes full circle!

Now, that’s a restaurant that truly cares—not just for its customers but for its community, too.

So, on your next brunch date or food trip to BGC, visit Maker and Made to try their world-class food and coffee yourself! We guarantee it won’t be the last time you’ll be walking through their doors.

Maker and Made

G/F Milestone at Fifth Avenue, 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Open from 7:00AM to 5:00PM daily


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