Make Your Wine Last Longer With This Steel Bottle Stopper

As an occasional wine drinker, one of the dilemmas I have to face after a glass of wine is keeping and storing the opened bottle. It’s an even bigger problem when the fridge can’t accommodate an upright wine bottle.

If you’ve had the same situation, then you’d be delighted to know that there is now an elegant solution! And no, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to finish an entire bottle of wine by yourself.

This stainless steel bottle stopper from Lazada is just what you need.

Photo from Lazada

It’s a must-have for any wine-lover, especially if you’ve got corked wine bottles. This bottle stopper will let you enjoy your (opened) wine a lot longer.

It fits on standard wine bottles, and it has a vacuum-like feature that keeps it tightly locked. So, it will keep the wine’s spirits secured inside the bottle.

Photo from Lazada

This particular bottle stopper also has a 30-day dial that will let you know how long it has been since you’ve opened the wine. That’s such a helpful feature.

Now, you won’t have to finish a whole bottle of wine just because you have to. Just put this bottle stopper and you’ve got some wine that will last you a bit longer.

Buy this wine bottle stopper here!

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