Make Your Leadership Complete: Learn the 3 Styles of Leadership Towards Wellness!

During times of change, it can be difficult for your organization to manage its operations while ensuring your people’s health and safety. 

Now more than ever, as we all adapt to new working ways, your leadership style matters. There is a need for you to make a significant contribution to the company while ensuring your team’s and your wellness.

Integrality Leadership Webinar

Put your Leadership to the test!  Is your Leadership Style complete? Achieve your #LeadershipGoals by learning the 3P Styles of Leadership Towards Wellness: Positive Leadership, People-Focused Leadership, and Proficient Leadership.

Join the next Interactive Leadership Webinar batch on July 24, 2020!

Register now UNTIL JULY 31 to enjoy these very low rates:

* Pay P600 only per webinar instead of the P800 standard rate
* Get the bundled promo of P1,500 for the 3 Webinars (Positivity, Life Skills, and Leadership)

Beginning August 1, the new webinar rates will be:

* P750 for the first 10 registrants
* P1,000 standard rate
* P2,000 for the bundled promo for the 3 Webinars (Positivity, Life Skills, and Leadership)

Sign-up now at to reserve your slots!

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