Make Your Dream Vacation Come True In This Private Island

We are all aching for a vacation. After almost a year in lockdown, we are all looking for ways to travel safely.

If you have a travel bucket list, it is sure that one of the local destinations that you should check out is Palawan. We found this private island resort that will keep you away from the crowd and closer to your dream vacay.

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Paradise Island Resort in Coron Palawan is one of the most loved private islands. It is the home of natural wildlife and marine life which makes it the perfect destination for your much-needed R&R.

With just a plane and boat ride away, Paradise Island is around 2hours away from Manila. It is located at the heart of Coron and offers different accommodations that will suit your needs.

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As soon as your boat docks on the property, you will automatically see the crystal blue waters and the fine white sand. The resort itself is also nestled in lush greeneries to protect you from the sun especially at noon.

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While walking around the island you will meet animals who freely live on the island with the locals, staff, and guests. It was a little shocking for us first but we got used to bumping into giant monitor lizards, birds, and even turtles. At sundown, there is also a migration of bats that is so magical.

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As the sky turns orange pink and purple, bats come out of the higher points of Paradise island. From one by one to thousands flocking as the night comes. For a few minutes, the sky is filled with bats looking for a place to sleep. The guests of paradise island look up at the sky to see this magical moment.

The island also has a turtle nesting site, marine protected sanctuary, tree care, beach clean-ups and other environmental efforts.

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As soon as the magical show ends, festivities continue with a fresh bbq dinner filled with fresh seafood and other meats. Each guest sits in a special socially distanced beach set-ups for a romantic night on the island. You can also request a private dinner set up by the shore for you and your loved one.

All the rooms are adorned with beautiful bags that you can bring around the resort to keep your things sand-free and safe. Each room also has a safety kit which includes alcohol, wipes, and a face mask.

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What we loved most about Club Paradise is that there are a lot of things to do there. The resort offers scuba diving, snorkeling and you can go to nearby islands if you want a different atmosphere.

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Food was amazing on the island, they offer a wide range of different cuisines. Each order has a big serving and can be shared with a person or two. The great thing about the food? They are also sustainably sourced!

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If you are worried about traveling or interacting with other people, Club Paradise has rigid cleanliness and sanitation protocols in all areas of our operations so that we can welcome you to a clean and safe haven. Aside from all the safety protocols in place, all contact points are cleaned and sanitized. There is an option to go on a travel bubble where you can ride a seaplane that will land directly on the island. There are all-inclusive packages that you can avail of that can range from 3days to 8days.

If you are thinking of moving to the island for a while, they offer the ‘Extended Stay for Work and Play’ promo where you can get special prizes for stays of 7-20 nights or 21nights or more. Imagine waking up every day hearing the crashing of the waves and with the chirping of the birds. The promo also has food discounts and sets to make sure you are happy and well-fed during your stay.

Ready for your dream vacation? Check them out through the details below!

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