Make Your Christmas Traditions Happen through Hero Laboratories

Celebrating the holidays this year may feel a little different for all of us but this does not mean that we have to forego the traditions that we used to share with our loved ones. After all, it has been almost a year since we last saw each other and spent wondrous time together.

With travel restrictions easing up and with the holidays just around the corner, it is therefore expected for those who wish some time with their families or those who miss taking a vacation during the holidays to travel to their desired destinations. For this year, give yourself the gift of peace of mind and travel safely to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones and by getting yourself tested at Hero Laboratories.

With Hero Laboratories, there are now countless ways to give your loved ones the gift of your presence this holiday season. Hero Laboratories is helping you keep the Christmas traditions alive by offering reliable and affordable COVID19 tests with fast turnaround of results and with convenient walk-in and drive-thru services in multiple strategic locations in its current testing centers in Five Star Terminals in both Pasay and Cubao. The laboratory also offers added convenience by offering home service tests to be conducted by its team of licensed medical technologists.

There are currently two types of diagnostic tests that detect the COVID19 virus, and Hero Laboratories offers both. The RT-PCR Swab Test, the gold standard in COVID19 testing, is a molecular test that detects the virus’ genetic material while the Antigen Swab Test detects specific proteins that are unique on the virus’ surface. Both are conducted via nasal swabbing and results may be released in as fast as 30 minutes for the Antigen Swab Test and 24 hours for RT-PCR Swab Test. Introductory rates are as follows: the RT-PCR Swab Test’s rate is at Php 4,000 (from Php 5,000) for the 24-hour turnaround of results and Php 3,500 (from Php 4,500) for the release of results in 2-3 days, while the Antigen Swab Test is at Php 1,500 (from Php 2,300). Additional discounts may be offered to groups and businesses who may wish to get their employees tested prior to the holidays. All rates mentioned are exclusive of value-added taxes.

This year may be remembered as the year when we spent most of our days away from our families and friends but this does not mean that we have to end the year and spend the holidays like this. It made us appreciate the time and moments that we spend together more than ever. Through Hero Laboratories, we can create a positive and memorable year-ender by spending it with the people that we love the most. Because for this season, your presence alone can become the greatest present that you can give to your loved ones.

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