Make Change Happen at Ateneo CODE’s XChange 2017


With the recent events the nation faced in 2016, the call to action for the youth has never been louder. For us who are part of organizations and who are still searching for ways to make a difference that matters, we face a pressing question: How can we as the youth lead our organizations to bring about positive change in our communities and in our country?

This is the question XChange 2017 has set out to explore, together. XChange 2017 is an organization development seminar by Ateneo CODE that is designed for youth leaders who exhibit a strong desire to be servant leaders for the nation. This one-day seminar aims to train organizations and youth leaders with the skills and mindsets to create healthy organizations and to maximize their potential to become agents of change for the nation.

The event will be held on April 1 at the Ateneo de Manila University. XChange is open to any college-level youth organization, and may accommodate 4-7 members of each registered organization. Join us for group activities, networking sessions, panel discussions, guest speakers, and other learning opportunities.

In a time that calls for action, XChange is an environment where young leaders from all backgrounds take steps closer to becoming leaders for the country. Ultimately, XChange envisions a place where all organizations see themselves as powerful platforms for building and serving the nation, no matter where each organization comes from.

Applications are due on February 25, 2017. Apply now!

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For 25 years, the Ateneo Consultants for Organization Development and Empowerment (CODE) has been working with various private, government, national, and international institutions. As a non-profit organization, Ateneo CODE aims to empower the youth and to create healthier and stronger youth organizations in the Philippines through the practice of organization development.

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