Make A Real Difference: Join Manila Bay’s Clean-Up Marathon

Anna Dawson is a New Zealand native who has been volunteering and working in the Philippines since 2008 and is an inspiration to all women and future eco-warriors. Two years ago, a sailing trip from her native country to the Philippines revealed numerous remote islands filled with PLASTIC.


Now in a foreign country, Anna is cycling 2000 km through the coast of the Philippine archipelago, cleaning up one town or city at a time.


From November 23 to 25, Anna is inviting volunteers to come and join her clean up Manila Bay one plastic at a time. The three-day marathon is part of Anna’s nationwide tour in raising awareness about the need to drastically reduce plastic consumption and pollution, especially in our oceans, rivers, waterways and the like.


It’s absolutely free! All you have to do is show up with rice sacks and gloves, then you can get to work. The clean-up is also meant to open opportunities for discussion on how to reduce single-use plastic in the Philippines.


Let’s get some good vibes going and make a difference no matter how small! Oh, and don’t forget to put on some sunscreen and tuck in a bottle of hand sanitizer. See you there!

All photos taken from Plastic Free Philippines’ Facebook page and website

What do you think of her cause? Will you be there? Let us know!