Makati City to Require Microchip Implants as IDs on Residents’ Pet Dogs

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The Makati City government will soon require microchips to be implanted on residents’ pet dogs.

This is according to a post on The Philippine Star. Mayor Abigail Binay said, “I want Makati to be truly rabies-free. Pet dogs will be microchipped upon registration with our city government veterinary office.”

It was explained that the microchip will serve as registration of permanent pet ID. It will be readable via scanner over the pet’s shoulder blades.

The Anti-Rabies Act of 2007 has already been requiring owners to register their pets. Sec. 5b states:

All Pet Owners shall be required to submit their Dogs for mandatory registration.

According to

Installing micro-chips on pet dogs will facilitate the identification of irresponsible pet owners who allow their pets to roam on the streets. Such a practice poses health risks on residents and the general public because of exposure to dog bites and rabies, as well as unsanitary conditions due to fecal matters left on the streets.

What do you think of this project? Should it also be applied in other cities?

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