Maine Mendoza met Cole Sprouse and we think that these are the best photos with him ever

We all know Maine Mendoza to be a very candid, very expressive star. And we know that Cole Sprouse is often the same (especially when bantering with his twin brother on Twitter). So the meeting of two great, weird minds is always a sight to behold! Good thing Maine had no trouble asking for her weird photo and Cole seemed to roll with it!

We honestly don’t know who we want to be more.

Jealous on both ends? You bet.

We can’t stop laughing. This is amazing.

Check out her hilarious tweet here:

I needed a good, heart-melting laugh today. Thank you, Maine Mendoza. Thank you, Cole Sprouse. This will be immortalized forever on the internet.

What do you think of these photos? Did they make you laugh? Let us know!