Maine Mendoza Explains Why She’s Been Away From Twitter

Kalyeserye star Maine Mendoza posted on her blog,, where set the record straight on her Twitter hiatus, where she has more than 2 million followers.

maine mendoza maldives

Decided to take a break from Twitter too because Twitterworld’s been really toxic lately. How’s it now, by the way? Do you still remember when everything used to be fun there? When Twitter used to be a harmonious environment for everyone? Haha I know, me neither. Anyway, I just cannot stand people’s negativity there lately. I mean, I have enough negativity in my system already to still add and endure those.

In a reply to a fan’s comment, Maine also clarified that she wasn’t referring to her online haters when she referred to the site as “toxic”.

For the record, it was never about the “baddies”. Bashers are there 24/7 since the very beginning and I honestly do not mind about them. It’s just lately, some of the fans are the ones to start and engage in conflict; until things start getting blown out of proportion. It’s gotten to the point where fans are quarrelling with fans too, and not with bashers anymore. Like I have said, Twitter used to be a harmonious environment to all of us, remember the bayanihan days? Kalyeserye days? Pre-tamang panahon? Tamang panahon? I know things have changed but I hope we get to perpetuate the harmony among each of us. ????

You do you, Maine!

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