Main Street Restaurant: More Than Just Canadian Comfort Food

Written by Neil John Vildad / Photography by Hannah Beltran

Main Street in Vancouver, Canada is one of the coolest streets in North America. This street bypasses several gastronomic landmarks in Canada, such as Canada’s Chinatown, Little India, and many more. However, you don’t have to travel that far just to experience the different flavors that Main Street has to offer.

Located in the middle of a well-known spot for every foodie, Main Street Restaurant in Kapitolyo offers a taste of Canadian comfort food right in the comfort of our own country. Funded by Canada-established chef Adam Tan in 2013, this restaurant serves a taste of Canadian comfort food with fusions from different cultures, giving restaurant-goers a glimpse of what it’s like to eat at Main Street in Vancouver.

Main Street is best known for their own take on the classic buttermilk fried chicken, a childhood staple with a special Canadian flare. Of course, this restaurant wouldn’t be a Canadian restaurant if it did not serve the all-time Canadian classic poutine, either!

Main Street Restaurant in Kapitolyo is currently spicing things up by expanding their menu and serving more things for their customers.

In their new menu, Main Street Restaurant spices things up in the salad department with their Cajun Spiced Prawn Salad (Php280), their Chicken Fingers (Php200 + Php65 for additional fries), chicken strips served with a side of fries, and a honey mustard dip.

That aside, Main Street Restaurant in Kapitolyo is adding not just one, not just two, but three more burger options for all of the foodies out there!

Apart from the Classic Cheeseburger (Php260), Main Street is also serving a Caramelized and Bleu burger (Php290), a twist on the cheeseburger with caramelized onions and blue cheese; a Barbecue burger (Php300); and a classic burger with a fried onion ring and barbecue sauce.

Completing their lineup of burgers is the Double Bacon burger (Php310), their take on the classic bacon + burger combo. What makes this special is their use of house-made, thick-cut bacon, which will surely excite all of the meat-lovers out there.

Adding to their already exciting lineup of main dishes is the Tomato Braised Seafood Stew (Php350), an assortment of clams, fish, and shellfish, served in a rich tomato-based soup. For the pasta lovers, their newest addition is the Beef Shin Ragu (Php360).

Joining Main Street Restaurant’s dessert options is their own take on the classic Blueberry Cheesecake (Php190)!

Main Street Restaurant in Kapitolyo prides itself for serving Canadian comfort food, and what’s more classically Canadian than a serving of poutine?

Apart from the classic poutine and other variations of it, this restaurant serves the Supreme Poutine (Php290), hand-cut fries served with decadent cheese sauce, topped with flank steak, lettuce, and cilantro. Think nachos, but poutine style!

These awesome additions to Main Street Restaurant’s menu will surely excite everyone who loves comfort food! Although the menu of the restaurant has changed over the years, one thing is for sure: they will continue to serve comfort food for everyone, whatever their cravings are.

Main Street Restaurant

 10 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig

(0945) 458 3044

Facebook: Main Street Restaurant in Kapitolyo

Instagram: @eatmain


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