Independent Filipino Artists goes MaharLikha: A Celebration of Creative Freedom of the Independent Filipino Musician




When In Manila, have you heard about ‘Indie Films’? Oh well, maybe its time to hear about an “Indie Music”. Check out “in-die-fy”, and maybe you’re in for a treat. I would like to thank my friend Glen Macadaeg for introducing me to this kind of stuff. Read along and get to know “in-die-fy”…


As a way of celebrating the talents of its roster of artists, music portal formally launches its website in a two-stage concert on June 11, 2013 at B-Side The Collective, in Makati City.


Dubbed “MaharLikha” (a play on the word Maharlika, an elite class of Filipinos with power, and Likha, or to create/creation), the event will feature 24 bands, from all over the country, who have signed up for NDFY. The bands were chosen by an independent panel of music bloggers/media practitioners: Ian Urrutia of and Ren Aguila, contributing writer of


“NDFY is more than a portal that streams independent Filipino music. We’re a collective of musicians and listeners, who love the local music scene” says Glen Macadaeg, Metronome (i.e. CEO) of NDFY. “More importantly, we’re a movement that aims to bridge the gap between listeners who constantly search for new Filipino music, and artists who want to widen their audience beyond their geographical boundaries.”


NDFY (pronounced “in-die-fy”) started in 2011 when Glen, a music aficionado and marketing practitioner in the FMCG industry, and his brother Gep, a seasoned musician and marketer, wanted to open more windows of opportunities for musicians, regardless of genre. They invited other friends of different professional backgrounds to join the team and pitch in their knowledge and talent in developing NDFY.


The website went on beta test last December of 2012 and as of May 20, 2013, has included more than 120+ artists of various genres in its roster. And since then has had an average of 20,000 page visits per month – helping the artists find new fans which can be attested by new music discoveries of listeners, as shared on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.


“The event is more than about NDFY; it’s about the independent Filipino artist who continues to produce original music despite the current circumstance of the industry. #NDFYLive: MaharLikha is to celebrate our independent Filipino artists’ creative freedom – they are an elite class of Filipinos who deserve to be heard and respected, given their creative contributions to the Filipino culture,” concludes Macadaeg.


#NDFYLive: MaharLikha will happen this June 11, 2013 at B-Side. The event is in cooperation with Doc Def Productions, with special thanks to the following partners: Dupe, Lyric Piano, Moonleaf, and Timbre Headphones.


When In Manila, you might simply experience your not-so-normal college party. Here’s one of the college party events I had covered, When College-Aged Stud’s Party in Dress, High-Heels, Beats and the Crowd! This “Celebration of Creative Freedom of the Independent Filipino Musician”, might be so different this time. Yes, because this is to happen for the first time. First time. 



24 artists. 18 genres. 3 island groups. 2 stages. 1 location.

With performances by:

@The Courtyard (800pax max capacity): 
• Arc
• Autotelic
• The Butchercons
• Deanery
• Diet of Wormz
• Earthmover
• fuseboxx
• Gust
• Identikit
• Rebelle Fleur
• The Strangeness
• Your Imaginary Friends


@B-Side (200pax max capacity): 
• Anton and the Salvadors
• Brisom
• Carlos Castaño
• Farewell Fair Weather
• Gabe Piolo 
• The Geeks
• Godchild
• Library Kids
• similarobjects
• skymarines
• The Strange Creatures
• tide/edit

Tickets sold at the entrance at PhP200.00!



Additional Notes:
 Independent Filipino Artists can sign-up for the website by emailing their interest to join the movement via Instructions will then be sent to them.
 is open to ALL genres and ALL artists, as long as they are independent (not signed to any mainstream label), create original material, and has at least one professionally recorded material.
 Address of B-Side the Collective is 7274 Malugay Street, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.


You can connect here on the following sites:
t: @NDFYme


 Hope I can meet all the artists: BTW, give us a shout out Twitter @WhenInManila  and @micuniversity and share the news. Thanks everyone!




Independent Filipino Artists goes MaharLikha: A Celebration of Creative Freedom of the Independent Filipino Musician