MAGOSABURO: A Different Kind of Perfect Fine Dining!

But our dinner feast doesn’t end there! Since they want to let us try more of their a la carte dishes they served us two additional dishes: Cheese Curry Rice in lava stone and Five Kinds of Assorted Sushi. I liked the Curry Rice because of its creaminess, and since it’s served in a lava stone the cheese has a perfect texture when mixed with the Japanese rice. 

WIM-Magosaburo-JoTan-NikkoPanti-Feature22CHEESE CURRY RICE IN LAVA STONE – Php 430.00

Another WIM approved dish is the platter of five kinds of sushi. It has salmon, tuna, scallops, squid, and eggs. Magosaburo uses balsamic vinaigrette with their sushi rice, which is kind of interesting. It doesn’t affect the taste of the sushi, but it adds a little bit of kick when you eat it. I had the tuna sushi and it was delish!

WIM-Magosaburo-JoTan-NikkoPanti-Feature15FIVE KINDS OF ASSORTED SUSHI – Php 550.00

And of course a festive dining experience wouldn’t be complete without desserts! Which is actually my favorite part!

WIM-Magosaburo-JoTan-NikkoPanti-Feature25JAPANESE DESSERT PLATTER

Earl Grey Crème Brulee, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Rare Cheese Tart, Green Tea Matcha Cake

Being a sugar junkie the Flourless Chocolate Cake is my favorite, but the Earl Grey Crème Brulee is a must try — let me repeat that IT’S A MUST TRY! The cheese tart and matcha cake were also great. 

They do have a great list of wine that can be paired to your chosen dish.




Our Magosaburo was grand and impressive, but all of us agreed that their premium cuts of Japanese Wagyu Steaks are really the best that we had so far! It’s pricey, but hey you get the price that you paid for with the quality of meat that they will serve to you. What makes it different? The service that they put into just to make you feel that you’re having the perfect dining experience even if you’re just in the metro! Which makes it an unforgettable experience.


MAGOSABURO Philippines

G/F Fort Pointe 2 Bldg (Across BGC Central)
28th Street, The Fort Strip
Telephone Number: 856.0795
Closed every TUESDAY
Lunch: 11:30AM – 3:00PM
Dinner: 6:00PM – 11:00PM

Check out Magosaburo’s [MENU HERE]

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MAGOSABURO: A Different Kind of Perfect Fine Dining!


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