MAGOSABURO: A Different Kind of Perfect Fine Dining!

I really got excited when the servers placed this on our table! Magosaburo’s SPECIAL PRIME STEAK PALETTE!


WIM-Magosaburo-JoTan-NikkoPanti-Feature17The marbling on the thick cuts of premium Wagyu got us drooling! 

Known as the “WAGYU HUNTER,” Magosaburo serve only the best Wagyu cooked to perfection through their very own Ishi-Yaki (stone roast) method of cooking. Using an infrared thermometer to lock in the flavor and taste of the food, Magosaburo’s especially crafted lava plates bring out the best flavors indeed. The moment that they start cooking the steaks in front of you makes your mouth water with the aroma, no wonder that when they serve every kind of steak in the palate on our table in less that five minutes it’s already gone. That’s how good it tastes!





As soon as they served the special dipping sauce to each one of us, we were on our “attack mode” for the premium cuts of steaks. No need for too many words, I will just let the photos let you feel the hunger to munch on premium Japanese Wagyu!

WIM-Magosaburo-JoTan-NikkoPanti-Feature19SPECIAL PRIME OX TONGUE 

Perfect with a little squeeze of lemon plus rock salt!

WIM-Magosaburo-JoTan-NikkoPanti-Feature23SPECIAL PRIME SHORT RIB

As recommended try it first without dipping on any sauce to appreciate the rich flavor of this premium cut.


WIM-Magosaburo-JoTan-NikkoPanti-Feature21JAPANESE WAGYU TENDERLOIN

The choice of meat in our table! We all liked how tender and rich the flavor of the tenderloin. You can see how it was perfectly cooked!

WIM-Magosaburo-JoTan-NikkoPanti-Feature26JAPANESE WAGYU SIRLOIN

Super tender, that it can actually melt in your mouth! For me, no need to dip it on any sauce, it might get more salty.

The Wagyu set is priced at Php 6,800.00 and can be shared by 4 persons already.



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