MAGOSABURO: A Different Kind of Perfect Fine Dining!

When In Manila and in search of a new place to dine in and impress your girl this coming Valentine’s Day, Magosaburo is the perfect place to have a date with your special someone.





WIM-Magosaburo-JoTan-NikkoPanti-FeatureNot only the food will make your date a perfect one, but also the place which is very nice for intimate kind of dates.

With the sudden rise of restaurants that serves Japanese cuisine here in the metro, Magosaburo sets their menu far off from the rest by offering kaiseki — traditional multi-course Japanese meal — on their menu. The restaurant specializes in cooking Japanese Wagyu cuts cooked on Lava stone in front of your dinner table, which they say as the highlight of your dining experience at Magosaburo.

Not only that, they are now serving “a la carte” dishes from their menu for those who don’t have quite a big appetite. Which is also perfect for those who would like to have the perfect date while on a budget! Chef Motomatsu Takashi prepared some of their bestsellers for us to try. Of course starting with the appetizers…

WIM-Magosaburo-JoTan-NikkoPanti-Feature10OX TAIL SOUP – Php280.00

WIM-Magosaburo-JoTan-NikkoPanti-Feature2MIXED SASHIMI SALAD WITH TOMATO SAUCE – Php 480.00

The Ox tail soup reminds me of our local bulalo, perfect to start a hearty dinner. I personally liked the sashimi salad the cuts of tuna, salmon, squid and scallops are perfect with the dressing which is slightly spicy. It’s actually my first time to eat Barracuda and Magosaburo’s way of cooking it reminds me of the local tinapa, only it’s more savory. We capped our appetizer part of the dinner with three different types of Kimchi.

WIM-Magosaburo-JoTan-NikkoPanti-Feature8SMOKED BARRACUDA WITH CALAMANSI – Php 250.00

WIM-Magosaburo-JoTan-NikkoPanti-Feature5THREE KINDS OF KIMCHI (radish, cucumber and lettuce) – Php 200.00