Magnus Job Fair:  Start the year right (Year 6)

Wheninmanilacom JAN 2018

Together with, Magnus Eventus Inc welcomes 2018 with a bang! The country’s leading job fair organizer presents Magnus Job Fair: Oh, Start the year right! Year 6, happening on January 17 and 18 2018 at the Activity Center of the Trinoma Mall from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The partial list of job openings are:

  • Architect •Office Staff •Receptionist •Production Worker
  • Administrative Manager •Company Nurses •Shipping Assistant          •IT Staff/ Programmers
  • AutoCAD Operators •Executive Assistants •Village Architect             •General Clerk
  • Training Specialist • Site Engineers •Real Estate Agents         •Engineers
  • Data Encoders •Dining Staff                      •Lobby Ambassadress     •Pump Operators

If you are a high school graduate, college undergrad, a bachelor’s degree holder or just someone who is looking for a job, feel free to dust off your resume and apply. The list above will continue to grow, as various companies are still joining. Rest assured, all companies that will be joining are legitimate as they have to secure documents to validate their entity.

There’s more to life than waiting in long queues. Luckily, we have come up with a life hack. Download the Magnus Job Fair mobile app and skip the dreaded long lines. Download it for free on both IOS and Android, fill up the My Profile tab, tap on the event, get the Unique Code, and voila! Express pass available in just a few taps.

Oh, Start the year right! Year 6 is the continuation of our events that we annually organize every January. This is our way of setting the tone in terms of helping you stick to the path of having a productive year. We figured that it would be very difficult to adhere to the goals that we set for ourselves without a little help especially if it involves your wallet.

2018 is a year full of opportunities ladies and gentlemen, we just presented you a big one. By now, you have made your list of dos and don’ts for the rest of the year. The challenge is executing it. The best way to having a successful year is to welcome all the opportunities and making the best out of it. Dahil basta Job fair, Magnus Eventus ‘Yan!