Maggie Wilson Questions Pinoy Culture of Being Scared to Speak Up

For the past months, Maggie Wilson has been so open with her thoughts and feelings regarding what she’s currently going through, especially when it involves her past relationship.

In a new Instagram post, Maggie went on to explain why she chooses to speak so candidly with friends and followers online and how much she values telling and being told the truth.

“As you know, I’ve always been quite outspoken. People may not like me for it, but that’s ok. I see so many people living a lie. Every day I see dishonesty, but no one has the balls to come forward and be the true friend they portray they are. The last 18 months have opened my eyes and changed my perspective on what it means to be honest with oneself, their faith (if you have one), and others,” she began on her post.


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“Having spent a lot of time outside of the Philippines with other nationalities, I realized that we spend so much of our energy talking about other people’s lives instead of helping that person out by telling them the truth, what you know, or how you feel,” she continued. “From my experience, if I witnessed something or had a bad experience, I would speak up because I want to prevent that person from getting hurt. It is my duty as a friend or a loved one to do so. I do it because I care. I would never tell that person who they should like, admire or dislike as they/you make that decision, but I never want to hear them say, “why didn’t you tell me” or “why didn’t you warn me” sooner.”

She added: “More often than not, people will tell you what they know after you discover it yourself. By then, so much damage has been done, and so much hurt has been caused.”

She then revealed how surprised she was that an “alarmingly high” number of people reached out to her “after speaking up” about her personal issues, before asking the question of why Philippine culture makes people “so scared to speak up” and confront others.

“People say it’s because they didn’t or don’t want to be seen as intrusive. Personally, I find it the opposite, especially if what’s happening or what’s happened, in their opinion, was wrong,” she said. “Why is it that in our culture, we are so scared to speak up, take action or do something? Is it because we don’t like confrontation, or we’re worried about what they’re going to think or how they’re going to react, or is it because we lie to ourselves because it’s the easier way?”

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