MAFBEX: Be Ready to Get Wired This Weekend

Last August 8, MAFBEX WIRED kicked off its first series through a webinar session under MAFBEX Talks entitled “E-commerce and Digital Marketing for the Food and Beverage Industry”. An overwhelming participation from different sectors made the session an insightful exchange of industry best practices and discovery of new digital platforms which can help the businesses address the challenges brought about by our current health situation. 

Cultivate the potential of the Philippine FB industry through MAFBEX WIRED highlights

Adding to the exciting line-up of the MAFBEX WIRED are 3 video series, namely: MAFBEX Basics, MAFBEX Mixed and MAFBEX Cooks, which will surely capture the attention of the foodies, the aspiring chefs and baristas alike. Everyone should expect contents which are both engaging and informative at the same time. 


Launching on August 14, MAFBEX Basics will bring the coffee shop experience at home with Allegro Beverages as they feature coffee & tea concoctions you can enjoy for the weekend. 


MAFBEX Mixed will have its first episode on August 15 with Cedric Mendoza, Head Bartender of Grain Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel straight from Sydney, Australia. He will show us how to make a cocktail drink featuring easy to find ingredients you can do at home. 


MAFBEX Cooks will begin on August 16 featuring Conrad Manila’s Executive Chef, Daniel Patterson as he prepares a 5 star quality dish for everyone to learn and enjoy at home. 


As people spend more time at home, MAFBEX WIRED wants to give viewers a chance to unlock new skills through the help of MAFBEX Basics, MAFBEX Cooks and MAFBEX Mixed. With the continuous growing trend in information consumption through digital platforms, MAFBEX WIRED  believes that it is the right time to connect the industry experts and the next generation of F&B practitioners through an accessible online medium; in this case, social media. 


MAFBEX WIRED is supported by: Filipino International Franchise Association, Halal International Chamber of Commerce and Industries of the Philippines, Inc., Philippine Calamansi Association, Inc., Hotel & Restaurant Association of the Philippines, Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines, Inc. B&L Worldwide Marketing Corporation, Icetech Trading, Shapes and Sizes, RR Tomas Enterprises and Most Reliable Metal Industries Corp., Agrea Philippines, Slow Food Youth Network and FoodShap. 

MAFBEX WIRED is organized by Worldbex Services International.

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