MAFBEX 2018: Local Food Brands, Chefs, Showcases, and the Ultimate Foodventure

Article by Denise Nicole Uy
Photos by Paolo Pareno

I make no effort to hide how much I love food. I adore food. So I’m always ready to try out new restaurants and have a good adventure. Now, when I first heard about the Manila Food and Beverage Expo aka MAFBEX, the name alone was enough to make me excited. An entire expo on just food and beverage? Sign me up! But, I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did.

Food is a wonderful and versatile thing. It can soothe you when you’re enjoying a bite alone, and it can enhance a shared experience with a couple of friends. MAFBEX is the type of place you can enjoy both ways.

One of the things I liked most about MAFBEX was the variety of stalls inside! There weren’t just stalls dedicated to food but also machines and equipment used for the preparation of food.

Also, I love how MAFBEX highlighted regional and locally owned businesses. There were a lot of small brands that sold locally made and sourced products. It was amazing seeing how a lot of these people came all the way from the province for the event because they truly believe in the product they were selling.

But while MAFBEX was really about businesses introducing their products to a wider market, there was also quite a number of food stalls around. It felt like I walked into a food park hybrid! While I was walking around enjoying (and I do mean ENJOYING) the free testers, I bought myself a couple of snacks to supplement my experience. And the food (all of it not just the free stuff) was great!

Powdered herbs and spices cooks will love

Different kimds of honey

Fishballs and cheese balls

Seeing a lot of local brands, experiencing the whole gastronomical event, I’m glad I went to MAFBEX 2018. It was certainly an amazing food adventure! Till the next MAFBEX!

Manila Food and Beverage Expo


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