Madame Flamingo Nail Boutique: Pamper Your Legs With Their Signature 8-Step Foot Spa!

Maginhawa St. in Teacher’s Village is mostly known for its foodie hotspots, but while you’re in the area looking for the next gastronomic find, you may want to go all out with the pampering at Madame Flamingo Nail Boutique!

Now there are dime a dozen nail salons everywhere around the Metro, but what caught my eye about Madame Flamingo was their signature 8-Step Foot Spa! I didn’t think there were that many steps to a foot spa, let alone eight.

What’s great about Madame Flamingo Nail Boutique is that it’s easy to find along Maginhawa– if you’ve been to the Harry Potter-themed cafe The Nook that everyone has been raving about, good news: Madame Flamingo is right beside it!

Madame Flamingo 2

Upon entering the salon, Madame Flamingo has an array of different chairs and couches, really lending that quirky and feminine vibe.

Madame Flamingo 6

For their 8-step foot spa, Madame Flamingo Nail Boutique offers the Illuminating/Whitening Foot Spa, the Callus Treatment Foot Spa, and the Peppermint Foot Spa. It was a toss up between the Whitening Foot Spa and the Peppermint, but I eventually availed the Peppermint Foot Spa— which I HIGHLY recommend for a relaxing and rejuvenating foot spa session! The mask they put on my legs was peppermint mask— so while my legs were just sitting in cling wrap, I felt a tingly, minty sensation all over, and it felt amazing.

Madame Flamingo 4

So what are the eight steps? Basically, this is what went down during the foot spa session:

1.) My feet were soaked in warm water, 2.) Cream was lathered on my feet and the tough skin was scraped off with a callus remover, 3.) My legs were covered in a whitening mask, after which they were also 4.) wrapped in cling wrap and a hot towel was placed over, 5.) the mask was rinsed off after 20 minutes, 6.) I got my legs massaged for another 20 minutes in oil, 7.) my legs were rubbed with lotion, and finally, 8.) my legs and feet were sprayed with their special peppermint mist.

The foot spa can take quite a while, but not as long as you think. So if you have time to spare after work, or even on a weekend, their 8-step foot spa is a great pick-me-upper and stress buster.

Madame Flamingo 3

Madame Flamingo also has a wide selection of nail polish colors and brands— such as MAC, Orly, Bobbie, Zoya, The Bakery, among others, and the amazing Ruby Wing Nail Polish, the nail polish that changes in color!

I went with a red gel polish, as it was my first time putting on gel polish on my nails! Their gel polish is at P450, yet you can also catch some promos from time to time.

Madame Flamingo 5

In the end, I got soft, supple, and smooth legs and feet, with freshly manicured fingers and toes. And who doesn’t love a minty feel on their legs?

So when you find yourself in Maginhawa– maybe you’re trying out The Nook, or you’re visiting a new restaurant, go for a quick nail spa sesh, and bring your best buddy too!

Madame Flamingo Nail Boutique

1:30 PM – 10 PM

164B Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City


Instagram: @madameflamingonails

Contact 9942810 or 0927 672 8363 for inquiries