Machine Design Summit Is Back Online!

The UP Gears and Pinions, the premier mechanical engineering organization of UP Diliman, continues to pursue the highest degree of mechanical engineering by holding events that foster enriching learning experiences for aspiring, incoming, and current Mechanical Engineering students.

Wheninmanila event poster

This April, we bring you Machine Design Summit 2022, the highly anticipated event to celebrate and appreciate the importance of machine design today. The theme for this year’s MDS is creative engineering, focusing on the valuable skills of resourcefulness and creativity in a field sometimes perceived as boring. The Summit will be a month-long series of competitions, workshops, and webinars aimed to ignite the passion of the youth towards building creative solutions. The events are open to students from all across the nation, and will be held online through Zoom, Discord, and Facebook Live.


Batter Up! Pitch Your Home Machine (Inter-High Competition)


The creativity and resourcefulness of high school students nationwide will be tested as they compete in designing a machine that would improve life at home using common household items. Top teams will be given the chance to present and have their inventions critiqued by some of the country’s distinguished engineers in the field of machine design.


Minceraft Redstone Challenge: Breaking New Ground (Inter-U Competition)


College students and Minecraft enthusiasts will showcase their knowledge of in-game mechanics to build the most creative machine using redstone technology. Participants will also need the ability to work under pressure, as this will be a time-limited event, and all the tools of the world will be open to them.


CAD for Dummies: Autodesk Inventor Workshop


Learn the basic concepts of sketching and part modeling using Inventor 2022, Autodesk’s mechanical design software in this workshop. Participants will learn how to develop pieces and how to manufacture designs using the basic tools and techniques of parametric design.


3DR: Three Discussions on Research, Real Life, and Recreation


3DR is a series of talks by esteemed guests from the academe, industry, public service, and other equally admirable ventures. Each day will tackle one of the 3 R’s: Research, Real Life, and Recreation.

Challenge your mind and join us in Machine Design Summit 2022!