Macao Imperial Tea to Vaccinate Employees for Free

Fredley Group of Companies to vaccinate its employees for FREE. Founder & CEO Avin Ong states, “This initiative by the company is not just for its employees, but to also encourage and inspire other SMEs to consider doing the same effort for their workers.” Ong further clarifies that vaccination will not be mandatory and will follow the guidelines issued by the DOH and DOLE.

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In an exclusive interview with Avin, he shared that their target vaccination is in the 3rd quarter of 2021 since a deal with Moderna has been signed already. He also revealed that they are just waiting for the shipment as it requires special handling and storage. The procurement of the vaccines for most private companies are through Ricky Razon and ICTSI or International Container Terminal Services who consolidates smaller orders of the Moderna vaccine.

Apart from giving free vaccines to its employees, the company is also extending assistance to their employees’ household members by sourcing vaccines for them. “Leave no one behind. Our employees’ safety in and out of our workplaces has always been of utmost priority.”, Ong added. He also added that there is no limit for family members of their employees and they will source and allot vaccines even for big families.

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When asked about how many employees already signed up for the vaccination program, Avin said “For the company owned, 50% palang ang willing but we are still educating them further by having briefings because some are really scared”.

“For franchise branches, registration is ongoing until April 9”, he added.

This vaccination program will include all employees from the Fredley Group of Companies – Macao Imperial Tea, New York Fries and Dips, Nabe Japanese Izakaya + Hot Pot, Mitasu Yakiniku, Hosaku International Buffet, Liang Crispy Roll, Café Kitsuné and Maison Kitsuné.

Fredley Group of Companies currently operates nationwide with over 250 stores.