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I don’t believe in “tiis-ganda” or bearing the pain of wearing something that’s unfit; it’s a bad choice to suffer for fashion. Instead, I look for choices that are beautiful but comfortable. How can you look good if you don’t feel good and comfortable, right?

As women, we should always look presentable, no matter where we are or who we are. With the present day of multi-tasking, our lovely but sometimes messy hair needs something to hold it and keep it looking great. Luckily, Ma-Artsy Shop has sleep and simple accessories that are stylish at the same time.

Ms. Jessica Purificacion, the sole owner of Ma-Artsy Shop, started her business when she was in college back in 2010. Quiapo was near her school and as she saw the attractive girly accessories, she decided to buy some for herself and then resell them later on. Her first customers were her classmates. She also used Facebook as her online selling platform back when in its early years.

When she moved to Laguna and got a full time job in 2012, she stopped her small venture; but then rekindled it on Instagram in April 2019.

Everyday Hair Clips that Stand Out

Ma-Artsy’s hair clips are very trendy, and can be worn on different occasions. All of their hair clips and earrings are made of metal, too, making them firm and long-lasting.

Circle Hair Clip, Php59

This gold clip is so lightweight, you might forget you’re wearing it. It is perfect for moderately thick hair so that it won’t fall off and can hold your hair firmly.

Snap Clips – Php25 per piece

These yo-yo candy colored hair clips were such a rage in the 80s and 90s. They come in different colors: yellow, rose red, and powder blue. These metal clips are moderately thick but lightweight, and are easy to wear and remove. They’re comfortable, too! If you prefer, you can just wear one clip at a time. These are ideal for: teenagers and the young-at-heart, as well as for 70s to 90s-themed parties.

Pastel Hair Pins – Php50 per set

These hair pins are easy to wear and remove. They are more comfortable to wear than the common black hair pins, and will hold your hair tightly. We love the simple and old school style. These are perfect for students and teenagers, or those who want to look younger. They are perfect to wear when hanging out at the mall or partying.

Bonbon Clip – Php100

The lustrous pearls of the Bonbon Clip are neatly and firmly glued on top. It is easy to wear and remove. This is actually my favorite one of the hair clips because it has an eye-catching and stylish beauty. This is ideal for any woman who likes to look respectable, and can be worn to dates, formal events, or anytime formal wear is required.

Striking and Unconventional Earrings

Octavia Gold Earrings, Php55/pair

These charming laurel leaf shaped earrings are unique and are sure to make you stand out. They’re feather light and comfy to wear. The rubber earring clutches are hard to pull out and push in, but they’re important to ensure you don’t lose your earrings. Still, these are my personal fave. They are ideal for any lady looking for accessories that are “malakas ang dating”.

Kiss Earrings set (9 pcs.) – Php99

These assorted unpaired earrings can be mixed and matched depending on your personal preferences. The three stars and a single star earrings are decent, comfy, and very light. They are very easy to put on and take off. The Half Moon and Full Moon Earrings  are both comfy and lightweight. They are ideal for simple minimalist ladies, and can be worn any day. The Cross Earrings are a pair of decent but religiously designed earrings. They’re hard to take off due to their transparent rubber earring clutch, but are nice for formal gatherings.

The Lightning Earrings aren’t hard to wear. The Heart Earrings have black studs that are glued on firmly, and are nice for rock chic ladies. They are hard to take off of their transparent rubber earring clutch and you can’t really see the heart design once worn. The Perdible and Vertical Earrings are a nice combination because of the straight shape. These unique earrings are comfortable and lightweight, but can’t be removed easily because of the rubber clutch. They are best for tiis-ganda ladies.

Each of the accessories have a unique design that will add brilliance to your overall look. It will also enhance your personality.

Ma-Artsy Shop


Instagram: @maartsyshop

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