Lying Creatures: An Interactive Online Play by Teatro 77

Lying Creatures–an interactive online play created by Teatro 77, the local theater company of batch 117 of the theater arts program in De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde. Written by Isabella Pedersen and produced by Kyla Ravago and Samantha Campos, the show is designed for a unique theatrical experience that will push the limits of local theater through the digital era. 

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The play takes place in a Detective office in Lunan City during 1946. It was a seedy night and the detective was solving a missing persons case, but time was running out. The case was deemed as the case of the century as the mayor’s daughter has gone missing. Just as the night is growing darker and time running shorter, the detective receives a mysterious tip-off. In a city filled with mortals and immortals, the liars are well-hidden amongst them.


The audience will then aid the detective, creating interactivity between the characters and the audience. Making a memorable experience for the people watching the show.