LX Innovative Solutions Gears Up For Smart City Development with IoT

04lx innovative solutions

Filipino startup LX Innovative Solutions is taking the hardware industry by storm with their compact, dynamic Internet-of-Things based modules. Described as a “hobby project” when it first started, the company in its third year is now going full steam ahead by entering the modern urban development scene. LX was a recipient of the “Best Investment Value Award for International Startups” at the Southern Taiwan Science Park Innovation Festival in 2017 and has since then worked with a multitude of brands regionally, designing a variety of devices in the fields of robotics, healthcare, logistics, education, agriculture and more.

The group announced the development of a new framework for a private function in early March which tackles the ‘correct’ way to approach city-scale development. The new ecosystem they envision utilizes Internet-of-Things modules to acquire specific data from industries, Artificial Intelligence to optimize automation and a layer of Blockchain Technology which leverages this data to create parameter-based smart contracts that rely less on governance and more on optimum decisions with filtered data to back it up. Their group believes that they have pinpointed the solution for those who lack the educational awareness to understand this technology by creating an inclusive system which requires minimal learning to grasp.

The development startup’s 22-year-old CEO Russ Malangen says that creating impact with their technology is now dependent on working on various aspects rather than just focusing on one. “The narrative has changed for startups in our industry as surface-level solutions to problems are quickly becoming obsolete. Our company believes that an ecosystem which creates waves on many different fundamental levels using three core functionalities — IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain will be the key proponents to efficiency in today’s fast-paced world.” Malangen said.

He added that they will release their new products by early 2019 and that implementation will be in line with providing an all-in-one solution for different industries. “We are building the seeds of the future with this ambitious project. The ARK protocol will be able to connect with any existing nodes in place using different communication mediums like RF, Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM and more. Our system will rely on the IBM Hyperledger Fabric to secure this data while specialized smart contracts called EMBI will fuel our vision of creating a system of collaborative consumption for various resources in the Philippines through a utility token.”

A variety of applications and use cases have begun to surface and LX Innovative Solutions hopes to make the transition to the digital world easier by bridging the gap through their middleware. By providing a sound infrastructure in which different modules and platforms could freely interact, the problem of lack of expertise is solved through the community that naturally develops within the ARK ecosystem. “Our movement from the Internet of Things to the Internet of Everything is made possible through Blockchain. We will be able to interconnect devices, aggregate data and create solutions accordingly based on hard facts, something that the country sorely needs”, Chief Operating Officer Paolo Gonzales said.

To their company, one thing is clear: The future is now the present and it is dependent on the next generation’s efforts to begin modernizing the society we live in today. Their goal is not to dominate the market, but to pave the way for open collaboration to build a better city that leads to rapid economic development.

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