This Country Is The First In The World To Provide Free Public Transportation

The country of Luxembourg became the first in the world to offer a completely free public transportation system last February 29. This is an initiative by their government to reduce extremely dense car traffic.


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Considered  “an important social measure” by the state, free transport is estimated to affect 40% of households who will be able to save around 100 euros (or Php 5,620) per year.

However, it is primarily intended to reduce road congestion. Private cars are the most used means of transport in Luxembourg with cars accounting for 47% of business travel and 71% of leisure transport, according to a survey done by TNS Ilres.

Aside from subsidizing public transport, the government will also be investing in its development so that citizens may have a wider range of choices.

“Systematic and continuous investment is a sine qua non (essential) condition for promoting the attractiveness of public transport,” Transport minister Francois Bausch stated.

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