Luscious Closet: Bring Out Your Inner Flavor!

WHEN IN MANILA! To all the readers out there who wants to bring out their inner flavor, Luscious Closet is the online store you definitely have to visit!

Here’s a little background about how Luscious Closet turned out to be a hit!

“FASHION can be bought but STYLE is within.”

Luscious Closet began in 2008 as a small online store which sold a variety of products online (Multiply).

In 2010, Luscious Closet was re-launched on Facebook, catering more to items which you can see in your closet, mainly apparels, footwear and accessories. Items found online are either handpicked Collections, or part of Luscious Closet’s Original Designs.

What I really love about Luscious Closet is that they have a variety of super cool finds! I wasn’t really into fashion before, but Luscious Closet’s finds always make me feel confident about mix and match.

Wherever you go, Luscious Closet has the trendiest wardrobe! From what’s hot to what’s not, you’ll find yourself indulging in a plain tank top to a gorgeous dress.

Some of the lovely finds from Luscious Closet that goes into my A-list:

This look always reminded me of ABC’s hit series, Pretty Little Liars’ Aria Montgomery style. From the red hot lacey dress to those shoes, this definitely goes into one of my favorites.


Can I just say the galactic inspired skirt makes you look totally outta this world? Super cool. Enough said.


The lovely printed dress spells classy and sexy! Something I’d definitely wanna add to my wardrobe!


Gotta love the classy vintage look here. Definitely something you’d want to try on during a hot summer day. Beat the heat & be stylish as well!


I’m positive you’ll find more of these when you visit Luscious Closet’s online shop! Shop till your heart’s content. I’m sure your wardrobe will also ravish all the lovely new finds!

My trendy When In Manila readers, what are you waiting for? Check out Luscious Closet and shop till you drop, WHEN IN MANILA!

2nd floor Serendra BGC, on top of Conti’s Restaurant

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Luscious Closet: Bring Out Your Inner Flavor!


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